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Board of Directors

Nancy Evans Doede, Artistic Director

Zoe Howard

Jenn Logan, Executive Director

Karen Logan

Helene McCardle

Daphne Trager


2017 Season Sponsors

Pat Barr

Peggy Burt

Josephine Chase

Vivienne Collett

Myrtle Collier

Andrea Cramer

Maria Gobetti & Tom Ormeny

Zoe Howard

Bob & Claudette Hunter

William Kennedy

Maryl Kruger

Paul Johnson

Desiree de Liser

Mary Lee

Karen Logan

Kevin Rowley

Cheryl Banks Smith

James Van Leer

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NEDT Wishlist

Grant Writing Assistance

New Lighting Board

Rear Projector

Projection Screen

Costume Construction Assistance

Video Editing


Storage Space

750 Amp Bulbs




Portable Marley