[Evans] loves the narrative, and is an artist who enjoys investigating all sides of an issue.
— Jeff Slayton,

Over the years, I have learned that I am a nurturer, an explorer of the ‘what if’, and a storyteller. Nancy Evans Dance Theatre is a dance-theatre company. What we do is infused with what moves us as individual artists. It is my pleasure and my privilege to be able to provide a safe environment for dancers to ask questions with all they have to bring to the table — their bodies, their hearts, their convictions, and their souls. Art is a living thing, created by those who discover it. I am inspired every day by what these dancers bring with them. They help direct me as much as I do them. NEDT has come to define what I consider to be the most productive way to work. I look forward to doing more of that work in the future. 

- Nancy Evans Doede, Artistic Director


Nancy Evans Dance Theatre is a modern-based company established in 2009 under the Artistic Direction of Nancy Evans Doede. NEDT has produced WORKS 2010-2017 and FRIENDS/FAMILY/DANCE/FESTIVAL 2011-2015.5.  Nancy Evans Dance Theatre has performed in various festivals, including the 4th-7th Annual Pasadena Dance Festivals, TriArt Festival, MixMatch, Awakenings & Beginnings, ArtNight Pasadena, AdaptFest, ArtBark International’s Show and Tell Series, SpectorDance Choreographer’s Showcase, and has been a guest company at Moorpark College’s Motion Flux concert and Jacksonville Dance Theatre. NEDT is committed to share stories through movement that expose us as imperfect, vulnerable, sometimes ludicrous... human. For without art, we are incomplete.

Nancy Evans Dance Theatre began as a re-awakening for Nancy Evans Doede.  She directed her own company 30 years ago, while also dancing with Nancy Hauser Dance Company in Minneapolis. Her inspiration came from a combination of her study in dance with modern dance pioneer, Hanya Holm, and her theatrical background as one of the original members of now world-renowned Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. With Nancy Evans Dance Theatre, she blends her passion for dance with that of theatre, as well as creating an environment with her dancers where creative voices are explored and encouraged, resulting in a unique company of artists who not only dance and act, but also choreograph.