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Works 2014

We are very excited about this concert series, as we have many new works, a new company guest and the always entertaining choreography of Frit & Frat Fuller's KIN Dance.  NEDT will premiere four new complete works of dance theatre from the choreographic visions of company members Katrina Amerine, Jenn Logan, Scot Tupper and Artistic Director Nancy Evans Doede. The versatility of our dancers stretch from modern to contemporary to pointe – yes, pointe.  Scot Tupper continues his "Be Afraid of Virginia Woolf" piece with a new installment – his interpretation of the Three LIttle Pigs, sur la pointe, to music ranging from "Faust" to Gilbert and Sullivan.  Nancy Evans Doede's "Casualties" is dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War I, and is seen from the point of view of the women left behind.  Nikolaos Crist Doede's piece "There Between", which was a favorite with audiences in our November Friends/Family 2013, will be reprised in WORKS 2014.  Evans Doede's "Tethered", which premiered in our first WORKS 2010, has been restaged, and marks the debut of our newest company guest, Michael K. Rowley.  Katrina Amerine's new work focuses on the predatory nature in animal/dancer, and Jenn Logan's new duet peers into the sometime symbiotic, sometime antagonistic relationship we experience with our alter-ego.  Add into that eclectic mix the energetic, inventive and often humorous work of Frit & Frat Fuller, who will bring three pieces to our WORKS 2014. 

Join us for a Q&A session following Saturday's performance, where audience and dancers/choreographers have the opportunity to converse, offer feedback and question us about our process in making dances.

Friday, May 16 at 8pm
Saturday, May 17 at 8 pm

A Q & A will follow the Saturday, May 17 performance.

Sunday, May 18 at 7pm

PORTICOS ART SPACE at St. James Methodist Church 

2033 E. Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA