Nancy Evans Dance Theatre

Sharing stories through movement

" that makes you think."

Our mission is to share stories through movement that expose us as imperfect, vulnerable, sometimes ludicrous... human.

Under the artistic leadership of Nancy Evans Doede, Nancy Evans Dance Theatre has been producing and guest performing since 2009. The company has accumulated a varied and extensive repertory since its inception, including choreography not only from its Artistic Director, Nancy Evans Doede, but also from its dancers and guest artists. 

The company is available for touring, master classes and residencies. Contact:  Jenn Logan, Executive Director.

"Evans' choreography has all the compositional integrity, expressive narrative and shape based technique of the modern dance era, and her story telling through movement still resonates for today. This is the great dance that is happening right here in greater LA. This is the dance that makes you think, makes you stop and wonder about what you value and how you want to be in the world. Evans’ musicianship (as seen in others pieces as well) is embedded in her craft.  Music, dance and expression all as one."

- Beth Megill, Dancing Poetess